Blue Dream
Blue Dream
Blue Dream

Blue Dream

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Blue Dream is compromised of multiple wood canvases. Deep blues capture the eye along with a sand path encasing the piece. The center is a beautiful blue agate piece from HoneyPot.

To inquire about custom art or any other inquiries, send an email to or fill out the commission art form on the Custom Inquiry Page

Multipiece Painting 

12 x 12

4 x 4

8 x 8

10 x 10

Lovely Design by Delightful Designs Co.

Care And General Information On The Artwork:

1. Delightful Designs Co. do not apply or provide any hanging hardware on/for the artwork, as they prefer to leave it to the customer to choose which equipment and installment methods best fit their space and weight/size of the artwork. Please note that it is always best to seek professional help when installing large heavy pieces to protect the artwork from permanent damages and other members from injuries.

2. Some pieces have real broken glass/crystal pieces and can be very sharp. Please wear appropriate gloves while handling it and work around it with caution to avoid injuries.

3. Epoxy Resin is UV sensitive and may yellow over time with prolonged exposure to sunlight. Thus, please keep the artwork out of direct sunlight.

4. Epoxy Resin can be easily scratched, as a result, clean and handle it with caution. Clean with water and micro-soft fabric towel.

5. Delightful Designs Co. is not responsible for any damage or injury due to improper hanging/handling of the artwork.

6. Due to environmental matters and the nature of Delightful Designs Co.'s working space and epoxy resin, it is almost impossible to produce bubbles, dust-free, ‘perfect’ artworks. Although, Delightful Designs Co. does its best to produce a piece with the most minimal imperfections present in the artwork. Delightful Designs Co. always makes sure to not let a piece of artwork leave their studio, without being in its finest condition.

7. Please note that most of our products are captured in studio lighting settings during daylight. The colours of the products may be a little different than how they actually look on the picture captured by us/ or even on your personal device. We try our best to capture photos that best resemble our products, but if colour tone/saturation specificity is critical for you, please reach out to us by email, for we may be able to clarify or provide further information on this.