About Us

Get to know the artist!

The art that is created is meaningful to Ashle. She is a geode functional artist and that is how she sees the earth. Her art represents every aspect of the earth, from the Blue Rivers, to the core, the beautiful mountains and dust storms. This is not a full time gig for Ashle, although she wishes it could be. She is currently working towards her Doctorate and will be graduating in December 2023. 

Ashle has been working with resin since 2020. She started off with custom made dominos and chess/checkers boards. All this started on her mom's dinning room table. There were many messes to clean up! She learned that art in itself is trial and error and to be truly upset was a waste of time. 

Clothes, carpets, tables, chairs have all been messed up due to her always seeing a vision. She got into crystals and learning how to secure them with her resin and how to create beautiful art pieces. 

Currently, Ashle has broaden Delightful Designs Co, to be at pop-ups and getting her company out to the Las Vegas area. Her art is currently hanging at the Art Factory in the Arts District of Las Vegas :) 107 E Charleston blvd

She wants to start Pour and Sip classes and forsees that coming alive in DECEMBER! Please be on the look out for her announcements in emails and on her instagram! @delightful_designs_co